We all know everything keeps moving, maturing, changing and growing as well as evolving. Sometimes we are aware of the time and the value of life.

Sometimes we are completely in to a system of habitual work with monotonous actions and reactions and do things completely without awareness.

Life without awareness is equal to our laptops and cpu which works systematically,everything it has!
What it doesn’t have is “The Awareness”.

If you think of 2115 we all would be in a different journey and the world will be handling different set of people,we definitely will leave.Leaving always reminds us that we are in a journey. Reaching goal is only a part of life but living life is the main part of life.

Vibrancy; openness; fresh air in the mind is always important to follow our inner guidance.Living life with pre-programmed habits and action is a most boring thing one can do for oneself.

Standing, sitting, running, roaming anything you do without awareness keeps your life very occupied but also meaningless.

Love ..

Love as divinity never expects returns in any basis.
The more you constrain love saying its only for my beloved, its only for my family,it would make u more and more vulnerable towards your surroundings and society.

When you can share love as a smile, as a help, as just sending love through vibes as a service and then “LOVE IS ALSO A MEDITATION”, when it is unconditional it will CLEANSE YOU as well.

The world needs the aura of love and peace and we all have that with in us.

Let this 2015 bring peace in this world.
Wishing you all a happy new year 2015..

With love and prayers

Sri Vishwa shirasini