SURULI forest astonished me by just being as it is for so many years.

The wholeness of forest is like a beautiful moon as the moon doesn’t know how beautiful it is !
The divine radiance of a forest taught me a lot about the wholeness.

Forest never mind about its beauty as its beyond inferiority and superiority.The flow of water is flowing and flowing unmindful about its destination, just truthful to its path.

The rare of tree’s and the rarest of herbs just grow blossom and live! No claiming of its greatness!

That’s the greatness of the wholeness.

The rarest of herbs though not visible spreads its fragrance, the fragrance of those herbs spreads meditative vibes and which also helps on getting rid of diseases and mental blocks.

Thousand’s of leaves fall and the essence of herbs and trees in emerged with the pure water flow and the the essence of those is also emerged in the gentle breeze of the holy forest.

O ..! The joy of being inside the forest is indescribable!

And the joy of living can be understood when you understand the language of nature.

Surulihills – The essence of nature.!