(A Transcreation of Sri Balarishi’s tamil poem)

At the sync of excellence yogic speed gears up

As the chakras spin the rhythm of serpent plays

The one with the holy ash holds the key for yoga of potency

The Isha beyond s dumbell’s fascinating sound

As the lord rules this mad woman is overwhelmed of shiva madness
As her heart ignites the inner serpents indulge in oneness
The mountainlike shiva is the primordial
the intoxicated women s aboard is Kashi.

Shiva the Vriksha and the Solution
intensified the thirst of fire
He stood in her center as Shiva the flame
Shiva Came as the boon, the Guru and as many
He spread as a quest and settled as motherliness

The Cosmic dancer of Chidambara lifting his let foot
Caught hold of this innocent girl
And bestowed something as perennial as Ganga